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Btwixt Group Vision Statement

Provide a reliable architecture system, which is easy to use, provides value and gives the clients the ability to grow at a linear rate with the demand of their customers. Are you in the market for affordable web hosting? If you own or run a small business or store, manage an athletic team, or organize a neighborhood, school or church web site, you need the services of Btwixt.

  • Web Hosting

    Tier 1 bandwidth providers, SBC and Allegiance, built on a Cisco powered network. We guarantee 99.9% uptime and will provide you credit for any downtime experienced due our network

  • Hosting Packages

    When registering an account as a first time client, you will receive instructions during the registration process for our spam protection verification system.

  • Domain Registration

    Now with Btwixt Web Design Group. Bulk Pricing - Under $10 Transfer get free 12-month ext on expire date - Nice Admin Panel.