Terms in General

The "Agreement" outlines the terms and conditions of the Registrar's domain name registration service and other services related to it. It is between you (referred to as "you", "your", or "Registrant") and the Registrar of the domain name,.NAME defensive registration, or.NAME mail forward (referred to as "Order") that you registered, reserved, or transferred to the Registrar.

If you are signing this agreement on behalf of a business or other formal entity, you promise that you have the power to bind that entity to these terms and conditions. In that case, "you," "your," and "Registrant" will all refer to that entity.

This Agreement spells out what we have to do for you and what you have to do for us in relation to each Domain Name,.NAME Defensive Registration, or.NAME Mail Forward that you have registered or reserved through Registrar ("Order"), either directly or indirectly, and whether you were told about Registrar or not.

This Agreement goes into effect as soon as your Order with Registrar starts to run, and it will stay in effect as long as the Order is still live with Registrar. For any reason, the register has the power to accept or reject the Order application. This includes, but isn't limited to, rejecting the application because it asks for an Order that isn't allowed.
Additionally, the Registrar is authorized to offer Internet registration and management services for domain names in the TLDs listed in Appendix "U." Additionally, the Registrant directly or indirectly owns a registration of a domain name (the SLD) in any of the TLDs listed in Appendix "U."

So, in exchange for the promises, benefits, and covenants laid out here, as well as other good and valuable things that are acknowledged to have been received and are thought to be sufficient, the Registrar and the Registrant, who both want to be legally bound, agree to the following:


1.       WHAT IT MEANS

1.1.   A "Business Day" is any working day from Monday to Friday that is not a public holiday.

1.2.  "Communications" includes the date, time, and content, including any links, of all spoken, sent, or written communications or correspondence between the Registrar, the Registrant, and any Artificial Juridical Person, Company, Concern, Corporation, Enterprise, Firm, Individual, Institute, Institution, Organization, Person, Society, Trust, or any other Legal Entity acting on their behalf.

1.3.  "Customer" means the person who placed the order, as entered in the OrderBox Database.

1.4.  In this agreement, "OrderBox" means the set of Servers, Software, Interfaces, Registrar Products, and API that can be used in any way. This set is given by Registrar and/or its Service Providers.

1.5.  The "OrderBox Database" is the group of data items that are kept on the OrderBox Servers.

1.6.  "OrderBox Servers" are the computers and servers that the Registrar or its service providers run in order to provide OrderBox services and run the business.

1.7.  "OrderBox User" includes the Customer and any Agent, Employee, Contractee of the Customer, or other Legal Entity that the Customer has given access to "OrderBox" through any means.

1.8.  "Registrar" refers to the official Registrar who can be found by doing a Whois Lookup on the Order at the relevant Registry Operator.

1.9.  The term "Registrar Products" refers to all of Registrar's goods and services that it has provided, rendered, or sold, or is providing, rendering, or selling.

1.10.                       "Registrar Servers" include web servers, mail servers, database servers, order boxes, whois servers, and any other machines or servers that Registrar or its service providers run for OrderBox, the Registrar website, the Registrar mailing lists, Registrar products, and any other tasks that are needed to serve and run Registrar.

1.11.                       The "Registrar Website" is the Registrar's website.
The term "Registry Operator" refers to any Artificial Juridical Person, Company, Concern, Corporation, Enterprise, Firm, Individual, Institute, Institution, Organization, Person, Society, Trust, or any other Legal Entity that is involved in managing any part of the TLD registry.

1.12.                       This includes, but isn't limited to, making policy, managing technical issues, and building business relationships, either directly or indirectly as a hired contractor.

1.13.                       "Resellers": The Registrant can buy the Order from a reseller, who can buy it from another reseller, and so on. These people are called "Resellers."

1.14.                       "Service Providers" include any Artificial Juridical Persons, Company, Concern, Corporation, Enterprise, Firm, Individual, Institute, Institution, Organization, Person, Society, Trust, or any other Legal Entity that the Customer, Registrar, Service Providers, or all of them together may directly or indirectly hire, contract, or work with to provide, fulfill, or buy Registrar Products, OrderBox, and any other services.

1.15.                       "Whois" refers to the public service offered by the Registrar and Registry Operator through which anyone can get certain information about the Order by doing a "Whois Lookup."

1.16.                        A "Whois Record" is a list of all the information about an Order, including the Registrant's contact information, the Administrative Contact Information, the Technical Contact Information, the Billing Contact Information, any Nameservers, the Order's creation and expiration dates, its registrar, and its current status in the Registry.


2.1.  The Registrant agrees to give, keep, and update the Who is Record and all the data about the Order in the OrderBox Database with current, full, and correct information as long as the Order is in effect. If the registrant gives false or inaccurate information, fails to promptly update information, or doesn't respond for more than five (5) calendar days to questions sent to the registrant's email address or the email address of any other contact listed for the Order in the OrderBox database about the accuracy of contact information associated with the Order, this is considered a breach of this Agreement and can lead to the account being frozen or suspended.

2.2.  The Registrant agrees that if there is a disagreement or conflict about any of the data elements of the Order in the OrderBox Database, the data elements in the OrderBox Database records will be used.

2.3.  The Registrant agrees that the Registry Operator, Service Providers, Resellers, and the Customer will all be able to see the authentication information needed to fully control and handle the Order. If the Resellers, Customer, or Service Providers make changes to the Order, they will be taken as if they were approved directly by the Registrant. If the Customer, Resellers, Registry Operator, or Service Providers make changes to the Order, the Registrar is not responsible for those changes.

2.4.   The person who signs up agrees that they will only talk about the Order with the Customer or the Resellers of the Order. Registrar does not have to talk to the Registrant directly and may not during the whole time of the Order.

2.5.   The Registrant must follow all rules and guidelines set by the Registrar, Registry Operator, and/or Service Providers from time to time.

2.6.  The Registrant must follow all the rules, guidelines, policies, processes, and practices set by ICANN (http://www.icann.org/en/registrars/registrant-rights-responsibilities-en.htm) and the Registry Operator.

2.7.  During the Agreement's term and for three years afterward, the Registrant must keep the following records about its interactions with the Registrar, Resellers, and their Agents or Authorized Representatives:

2.8.  All written messages about the Order must be kept in electronic, paper, or microfilm form. All accounts for the Order must be kept in electronic form, including dates and amounts of all payments, discounts, credits, and refunds.

2.9.  The Registrant must make these records available for the Registrar to look at if the Registrar gives reasonable notice, but no more than 14 days.


3.1.  The Registrar and the Registrant promise and represent that:

3.2.  They have all the power and authority they need to sign, deliver, and carry out their duties under this Agreement.

3.3.  This Agreement was properly and legally signed and delivered. It is now a legal, valid, and binding duty that can be enforced against the Registrant and the Registrar in line with its terms.
When this Agreement is signed, delivered, and carried out, along with the transactions that are planned between the Registrar and the Registrant, they will not, with or without notice, violate or clash with the following:

3.3.1.      Any part of a law, rule, or regulation;

3.3.2.      Any court order, ruling, or decree;

3.3.3.      Any part of a company's bylaws or other papers; Any contract or other writing.

3.3.4.      The Registrant and Registrar have given their permission for this Agreement to be signed, performed, and delivered.

3.3.5.      No permission, approval, or filing with any government agency or third party is needed to sign, send, or carry out this Agreement or any other action it covers.

3.4.  The person registering promises and promises that:

3.4.1.      The Registrant has read and understood every part of this Agreement;

3.4.2.      The Registrant has decided for himself that the service is what he wants and is not relying on any other agreement, guarantee, or statement than what is written in this Agreement; and

3.4.3.      The Registrant is allowed to sign this Contract by the laws of his country.