CQube's Terms of Service integrate this Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") into your use of the Services. The AUP's defined terms have the same meaning as the TOS unless otherwise stated. CQube may change this AUP without notice.

Use CQube Services exclusively for legal purposes. You agree to follow all laws, rules, and regulations when using the Services. We may refuse service to anyone at our discretion. We may suspend or terminate the Services or remove content without notice for any material or activity that violates this AUP.
If you do not react to an abuse of department communication within the given time, the Services may be suspended or terminated.

1.       Prohibited Uses

1.1.  Please refrain from using the Services for any of the following, as assessed by CQube in its sole discretion:

1.2.  You must not use the Services for illegal, harmful, or liability-causing content or behavior, including those banned by this AUP:

1.3.   Disclosing sensitive personal information; 1.2.2. Storing sensitive information, including "Protected Health Information" (as defined by HIPAA).

1.3.1.      Phishing or identity theft; 1.2.4. Distributing malicious code.

1.3.2.      Promoting or facilitating prostitution or sex trafficking.

1.3.3.      Hosting pOnzie or pyramid schemes or unlawful marketing practices.

1.3.4.      Hosting or linking to child sexual abuse material (CSAM) or harmful content for minors (CSAM will be suspended immediately without notice).

1.3.5.      Resource overload or network abuse

1.3.6.      You may not overuse server or network resources or use the Services in a way that affects server performance or other customers. Overuse-causing actions are prohibited, including:
This includes hosting or linking to an anonymous proxy server, operating a file sharing site, hosting programs or processes that harm our systems, and using software that connects with an IRC network.

1.3.7.     Unauthorized System Access             The Services may not be used to access any network or system without permission, including.            Unauthorized access to networks, including probing or scanning for vulnerabilities,             Attacking other networks, and            Intercepting or monitoring data without permission.            Unauthorized use of Cube’s website or servers, including deep-links, page-scrapes, robots, crawls, indexes, spiders, offline readers, click spam, macro programs, internet agents, and other automated devices, is prohibited.

1.3.8.       Backup Storage Your hosting account cannot be a backup. Our Services are for website hosting only, not data storage. CQube may delete hosting account backups without notice.

1.3.9.       Zero Tolerance Spam Policy            Users causing IP blacklisting will be suspended or dismissed immediately. Forging or misrepresenting message headers is banned
Our servers may not host websites offered using spam (i.e. "Spamvertised") (            Use of the Services is prohibited for selling contact lists or sending emails to purchased lists (i.e., “Safe Lists”). The Services cannot be used for sending spam or bulk unsolicited messages. Users who send spam may have their accounts terminated without warning.

1.4.  Enforcement
Your Services may be stopped or terminated without notice for violating this AUP (1.1). Your account may be suspended or terminated for infractions.            CQube may deactivate or remove content forbidden by this AUP to prevent harm to others or the Services, at its sole discretion.            CQube reserves the right to report violations to law enforcement at its discretion.            Should you not react to an email from our abuse team within 48 hours or as stipulated in the correspondence, your Services may be suspended or terminated.            Generally, U.S. law governs websites hosted on CQube's servers in the U.S. CQube is a web host and cannot verify defamation accusations. We let the courts decide if something is defamatory. CQube will disable access to material ordered to be removed by a court of competent authority, at its sole discretion.            CQube users must follow local laws regarding defamation, unsolicited communications, spamming, privacy, obscenity, and intellectual property infringement when using the Services. CQube maintains the right to assess local law and respond at its discretion.            CQube has sole discretion to enforce this AUP.


2.        Reporting Violations
Complete the form here to report a breach of CQube's AUP or intellectual property infringement (2.1.1).